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Vinix, offered by Natural Green Life, is a dietary supplement designed to support general well-being. Created by a trusted company with a long history in the health supplement manufacturing industry. It has been approved for export to over 30 European countries by the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, making it a reliable product. Vinix aims to provide a gentle and balanced experience without commonly associated side effects like stomach upset or headaches. While individual responses may vary, Vinix is intended to be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Discover the potential benefits for yourself and enhance your well-being with Vinix.

Natural ingredients

Supportive of a healty lifestyle

Free from headache

Free from  stomach upset

Made in Korea

Oral Dissolving Film


Pale yellow, rectangular oral dissolving film designed for a convenient experience. Effects may become noticeable after 60 minutes of use, fostering a positive encounter.


Convinient to Carry

Vinix is smaller and thinner than a business card, making it convenient for you to carry it anywhere you want


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